Palestine is bleeding! Again!

With the silver-domed mosque’s chaotic transposition to a full-fledged battlefield this weekend, the Israel-Palestine peace process is irrefutably dead! Still, the shocking footage of Israeli police violently taking on Palestinian protestors with rubber bullets and stun grenades was nothing more than another sordid chapter in the blood-curdingly sob tale! Ever since West Bank was forcibly occupied 54 years ago, every day brings forth a new spell of testing times for millions of unfortunate Palestinians.

The latest instalment of violence had sprung up with the advent of Ramazan, already a time of escalating religious sentiments. First, there were state-sanctioned restriction to block Muslim gatherings. As these nightly clashes laid bare the worst violence in years, hard-line Israelis staging events ahead of Jerusalem day in the densely populated Muslim Quarter further fanned the clashes. Meanwhile, Palestinian fears of being trampled by the far mightier Israeli forces and their greed for land were fueled by the recent bid to forcefully evict six families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

However, as the heavens continue to fall on the holy hilltop, the Muslim world is enjoying an aloof view from their comfortable windowsills. Yes, there has been an occasional call for restraint from some capitals. But one could see the half-hearted attempt from afar. Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and Malaysia have been the torchbearers of denouncing the outbreak of savagery; asking the world to pour in support. But what of the patrons of the Israeli cause across the Gulf? Does Saudi Arabia believe that a statement by its foreign affairs ministry would do the trick? Having signed the much-touted Abraham Accords, wasn’t the UAE in a far better position to pressurise Tel Aviv in ending this deadly weekend? The official custodian of sanctimonious sites in Jerusalem, Jordan, is playing its due part by reminding Israel of possible repercussions of its barbaric behaviour. But no matter how noble its intentions may be, what havocs can a lone wolf bring upon such a big first world player?

It is quite unfortunate that despite being adamant in their claims as “protector of Muslims,” these Arab kingdoms turn a deaf ear to the SOS pleas. The same preference for international powerhouses was seen last year when the US President embraced the Israeli agenda of “finish(ing) off the Palestinian cause.” The occasional lip service paid to the Palestinians while standing aloof to their gradual colonisation was now a practice of the past. The atrocities would continue unless the last Palestinian stands determined to gain back his liberty and homeland.

Largely unmoved by their plight, the Biden administration is still holding firm ground on the agenda to enable Israeli interests. As expected, it has falsely equated an armed-to-the-teeth police force with stone-pelting marchers. Ah! The tragic irony could not ring any louder!

Since Europe never enjoyed the leverage needed to steer Israel to peace prospects, the ball was always in Washington’s court. Nevertheless, its apathy to the shocking torment of Palestinians while green-lighting Israel’s each and every move is a story told time and again. With no one in the rich countries’ club rooting in their corner, Palestine only has hope and prayers in its pocket. We, at Daily Times, can only pray for their Muslim brothers to come forward, united for their cause. Abandoning the two-state solution may look good on paper. After all, joining hands with PM Netanyahu would come with a basketful of perks. But battering their conscience and the deep-rooted commitment to help a brother in need cannot be brushed aside just like that!

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